The Price List

It is true what they say about cutting your hair...

Dry Trim

Wash, Cut & Finish

Trim on extensions 




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Milk_shake Reconstruction System & Blowdry - £35 

Or course of 4  - £120 saving £20
(For very damaged or extremely dry hair)

Olaplex No.2 Treatment & Blowdry £35

Integrity System -  From £10
(For dry and colour treated hair)

Natural Care Masks -  From £5

(For dull and colour treated hair)

Tone & Treat - £40 

(For hair that loses tone in between appointments this is a great way to keep your colour alive along with a lovely treatment)

Revive your hair with these delicious milk_shake treatments, add them onto your service and leave the salon feeling a brand new you  

Feeling Rooty?

Feeling rooty and need rid of them bad boys? Book in for these.. 

Root Retouch, Cut & Finish            

(Loving that existing colour and just need to tackle that regrowth)

Full Colour, Cut & Finish

(We can sort that regrowth, but the colour on the ends has faded too and needs a bit of a revive.)  

Root Retouch & Blow-dry - with extensions 
(You already have extensions in but need your roots doing around them.)




Feeling rooty and want to enhance that? Book in for these..

Balayage Refresh, Cut & Finish

(Refreshing existing balayage by bringing light ends up) 

Balayage, Cut & Finish 

(Lightening the ends of your hair subtly to create a sunkissed/ grown out look. Leaving your roots their natural colour.)


Balayage with Roots, Cut & Finish 

(Lightening the ends of your hair while adding a root colour to help create the 'darker fading to lighter' look) 




Keep Things Bright & Refreshed? 

Full Head Foils, Cut & Finish
(This can be high or low-lights)

Half Head Foils, Cut & Finish 

Half Head Foils & Blow-dry - with extensions 
(You have extensions in and just need your hair colouring around them)




T-section with Blow-dry
(Just a few foils around your parting and face) 

Half Head Foils with Root Colour, Cut & Finish

(You have your foils put through to add different colours/ tones but also have a base colour painted onto your roots in between the foils for complete coverage)

Hairline Highlight & Blow-dry 

(Up to 10 foils, using only 1 colour, over the parting only to keep colour refreshed in between appointments)




Add-on Service





OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken bonds from within. It repairs, protects, and strengthens hair. Turn dry, brittle, and damaged hair into silky, smooth, vibrant hair with OLAPLEX.

A Toner is used to change the tone of your hair. Whether you like Golden, Ashy, Beige or Peachy hair, a toner can help to achieve this. A Toner would usually be used after lightening hair and isn't permanent.  

Hairline Highlight 


A Hairline Highlight added onto a service such as Root Retouch can add some new tones and interest to your hair. 


A Special Occasion?




For hair that needs styling for a night out, festival, wedding etc.