Invisible Weave

Authorised Technician

in Invisible Weave🤩🤯🥳

Hey guys, SO excited to announce a new service to offer you lovely people💚

The invisible weave isn't too different from the LA Weave I already offer. But I LOVE it and I know you will too...

What you need to know about the the Invisible Weave

- Is suitable for most hair types - even fine hair😍 - Uses no heat, no glue and has no visible bonds🧐 - Maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks 💇‍♀️ - Hair extensions previously used for LA Weave can be replied using the Invisible Weave method. 🥳

So for those of you who want to try the Invisible weave but already have the LA Weave, that's absolutely fine. The hair extensions you have can be put in using the Invisible weave method and it really won't feel too different. But you will find it slightly easier to style your hair up with no visible attachments.

I can't wait to be creating lots of Invisible Weave's for you all😁