Hair extension jargon can be confusing, so I'm going to try and break it down so we can all understand it.
Extensions don't have to be just for long Rapunzel like hair. Hair extensions can be added for thickness, or to add hair to areas that perhaps don't grow as well as the rest of our hair. 

Hair extensions are measured in grams. Individual hair extensions are generally applied in groups of 50g.

50g of hair extensions would be used to thicken hair up slightly. 

100g of hair can add a few inches onto fine or short hair, usually used for thickness.

150g of hair is to add length and thickness.
Weft hair extensions are applied using the LA Weave method and come as 150g hair. 

Extension lifespan can be anything up to 18 months depending on aftercare and maintenance of the hair. If you use the recommended shampoo and after care products and follow the correct way to maintain your hair, it can keep on being reused depending on the method of hair you have applied. 

I use 3 different methods of extensions.
2 methods of Individual bonds - Keratin (or fusion) bonds, and Micro Rings (or tiny tips). 

And LA Weave. 

The different methods can suit different individuals for different reasons. All of these will be discussed during your consultation.


The prices vary depending on how thick, how long and what colour hair we need to order. Check out my price list below.

For any questions regarding hair extensions please email me or book a consultation by hitting the 'Book Now' button above.  

Individual Extensions Prices

Luxury Brazilian Tiny Tips

Hair Rehab London

50g From 

100g From

150g From 




50g From 

100g From

150g From 




Beauty Works

50g From 

100g From

150g From 




LA Weave

Luxury Brazilian Remy Hair

16" - 18"

20" - 21"

22" - 24"




Hair Rehab London





Beauty Works









Maintenance appointments must be booked every 8-10 weeks to help keep your hair extensions in tip top condition, but also to ensure the integrity of your own remains the same. If extensions are left in the hair for too long without a maintenance check, hair can become matted, extensions can start to shed or they can pull on your own hair.

During your maintenance appointment the condition of your hair and extensions will be checked, extensions will be pushed up or refit depending on the method and your hair will be trimmed if necessary and styled as desired

Micro ring push up from £45

Micro ring refit from £60

Weave refit from £60

Removal from £10

For Invisible Weave - please add £25 to LA Weave price.